Cutting & Styling

StylistSenior StylistArtistic DesignerArtistic Director
Designer Cutting & Styling25.0035.0048.0058.00
Re-design & Styling35.0040.0053.0065.00
Shampoo & Styling15.0020.0025.0028.00
Shampoo & Styling (long hair)21.5024.5031.0035.00
Gentleman’s Cutting & Styling18.0023.0028.0035.00
Children’s (under 12)15.0018.00

Complimentary refreshments included.

Please feel free to try any stylist as we are all part of the same team.

Free fringe trims available for all our existing clients.

No appointment necessary, please call in.

Top Quality Permanent Waves

*1/2 Head Perm35.00
*Luxury Perm65.00
*Spiral PermingOn Consultation

*These services DO NOT include cutting and styling.


*Enriching Colour – Vegetable Based31.50
*Enriching Colour – Vegetable Based Long Hair36.00
*Permanent First Time Colour55.00
*Permanent Colour Re-touch43.00
*Bleach First Time65.00
*Bleach Re-touch46.00
*Highlighting or Lowlighting – Cap Method46.00
*Highlighting or Lowlighting – Foil Method(1/2 Head) 40.00
(3/4 Head) 55.00
(Full Head) 80.00
*Ombréfrom 40.00
*Highlighting per packet4.00
*Colour CorrectionOn Consultation

*These services DO NOT include cutting and styling.

Shine & Condition

*Deep Rescue TreatmentPlease ask

*These services DO NOT include cutting and styling.

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Opening Hours

MondayClosed for training
Tuesday9.00 – 5.00
Wednesday9.00 – 6.00
Thursday9.00 – 7.00
Friday9.00 – 6.00
Saturday8.00 – 5.00